About us

About us

Mediagon Water treatment is 100% Swiss Made - and we are proud of that. Switzerland stands for quality, reliability and safety, this also applies to our products.

All research, development and production processes exclusively take place in Switzerland. We strive to further expand our leading position in the development and sales of ecological water treatment systems in Switzerland and beyond, while intentionally avoiding relocation to low-wage countries.

Thanks to the high quality standards, we are able to export our products to almost all European countries, as well as to South America, Japan, China and other Asian countries.

In Switzerland, Germany and Austria, service and sales are managed by our own specialized employees. In other European countries, and far beyond Swiss borders such as in Asia, we have several franchise partners. Our franchise partners give Mediagon access to these unique foreign markets.

Our products are characterized by user-friendliness, durability and elegance. They are functional, practical and ecologically sound.

Our head office in Horn (Switzerland) with its extensive warehouse guarantees a fast service, which enables us to switch easily between the various foreign markets.

Research and development

Two words that define the character of our company.

On one hand, we are a company with more than thirty years of experience and tradition, specialized in the development of physical water treatment systems. On the other hand, a Swiss SME with typical characteristics such as diligence, willingness to perform and innovative strength.

We demand high quality standards. That is why we, at an early stage, set up our own research and development department in Switzerland. The Mediagon brand is a symbol of quality and progress in ecological water treatment – worldwide.

Our worldwide presence is closely related to the vision and innovation of our engineers and physicists, who have all contributed to our progress. For the benefit of the environment. 

Our Team

Together we make the difference. We would like to introduce our team to you, responsible for the English market.

Founder | Director

Thomas Engeli

Mediagon International

Marcel Engeli

Project manager and technical service

Willy Nydegger


Nadine Keller

Denise Stark

Fabrizio Bruni

Isabelle Sieber


Franziska Etter