Physical explanation

Physical explanation

Mediagon technology

How does Mediagon protect your home from limescale and rust? Are you interested in the physical and technical process of our Mediagon technology? On this page, you can find detailed information on how our Mediagon water treatment devices work.

How does the Mediagon technology work?

Thanks to special cooling, pressing and hardening processes, Mediagon provides high-quality technology inside your water pipes.

The water flows through many very fine static fields. As a result, the hard limescale transforms into a significantly softer residue that can easily be removed with a cloth or brush. Existing hard limescale deposits are slowly broken down. Mediagon promotes the build-up of a thin protective layer and is therefore also used for rust problems. Mediagon reduces new hard scale deposits in your water pipes and boilers and extends the life of your appliances and devices.

Unlike magnetic fields, static fields do not attract iron particles. Thus, the diameter of the water pipe cannot be reduced during the process and our water treatment device therefore does not need to be periodically disassembled and moved.

No valuable minerals (calcium, magnesium) are removed from the water during this physical process – keeping the water vital, stable and healthy.

European patent Mediagon

Mediagon Water Treatment has a European patent, which focuses on the operation of our water treatment systems and the prevention of hard limescale.

Our technology has been tested by the independent German agency TÜV. TÜV focuses on the certification and validation of products and services, as well as legal obligated inspections. The TÜV inspections focus on products, equipment and materials. Overall, TÜV is active in the fields of inspection, product recognition and certification. Below you find the research report from TÜV Germany.  

The original research report from 1990 can be read below.


Research has been conducted in two different households. One household was equipped with a Mediagon Eco Water Treatment system, while the other household wasn't. The research was carried out in the German town of Holzhausen.

  • Research period: 17.11.1988 - 04.04.1990
  • The water treatment system has been tested for 14 months
  • Three periodic checks were carried out
  • The water treatment system has been specifically tested on the prevention of hard limescale build-up
  • At the beginning of the test phase, the heating elements were heavily calcified
  • At the end of the test phase, the limescale on the heating elements was soft and loose
  • No limescale deposits were visible in the boiler
  • The water treatment test in Holzhausen showed a positive result

Not only private households have been using our patented technology for many years, but also our industrial customers such as Coca-Cola, Néstlé, Shell and Samsung are relying on our water treatment systems.

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