Water analysis

Water analysis

TÜV tested Mediagon technology

In 1988 we started with our ecological water treatment. After developing the technology, we directly had it tested and certified by the TÜV in Germany. This concerned an inspection and certification of the technology and results regarding the prevention of hard limescale.

Hagalis water analysis

We had a water analysis separately conducted by the analysis laboratory Hagalis in Germany. Hagalis is known for laboratory research, quality management and natural remedies. Also, the organization released two books, namely: ''Water Revitalization Devices'' and ''Water Crystal Worlds''.

wasseranalyse-enthärtung wasseranalyse-enthärten wasseranalyse-enthärtungsanlage
Vital, high-energy tap water. Crystalized with the Mediagon technology. 40 to 400 times enlarged.


The original research report from 2002 can be read below.


Test results Hagalis water analysis

The research compared untreated tap water with tap water treated with Mediagon technology. The two test households were located in the German town of Herdwangen-Schönach. The research focused on the mineralization of tap water.

  • Final grade: 1,9, with 1.0 being the best and 6.0 the worst
  • Final valuation: good to very good

  • Point difference of 1.3 between the treated and untreated water
  • Rating of 1.9 versus 3.2 for the untreated water

  • Quality level corresponding to mountain spring water

  • Improved revitalizing effect
  • Improved effect on human metabolism

  • Positive differences in crystal formation
  • Reform of water cluster structures
  • Better absorbable by counteracting the narrowing of important minerals
  • Positive effect on the biological quality of water
  • Improvement of the technical quality of water
  • Improvement of the energy level of water
  • Improved support of the human metabolism

  • Neutralization of negative pollutants
  • Improvement of the waters' detoxifying abilities
  • Improved support regarding the release of toxins

  • Significantly lower risk of limescal build-up than with untreated water

    The research has shown a big difference in quality. Quality leaps of this kind have seldom occured at the Hagalis research laboratory. Comparative tests assume a strong, positive effectiveness of the water treatment system.

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