Activate, energize and purify your tap water

Water in its purest form is found in the nature. Untouched, unfiltered and unchanged in structure. Water in the nature ‘’lives‘‘ and is called ‘’vitalized’’.

This pure natural water takes a variety of routes before reaching your home. It is pumped out of the main source, passed through water pipes using a high pressure and comes in contact with many unnatural substances. As a result, the natural structure of the water is changed.

Before the water comes out of your tap, it gets treated - the unnatural substances get filtered out of the water. However, every substance that was present in this water before, left behind a certain structure that cannot be filtered out. The water absorbs all these different structures and this contributes to the change in natural structure of the water.

Our body can vitalize water by itself, but this requires energy and strength. Due to the change in natural structure, the body has to strive to revive the water itself. Mediagon Water Treatment brings the water back into its natural – vitalized – form. Thanks to that, the body can absorb and process the water without additional effort.

The aim of water vitalization is to give the water its original strength and natural structure back. As if it came from a fresh, crystal-clear water source in an environment untouched by humans.

With Mediagon Water Treatment you can enjoy pure water, as it’s supposed to.

Scientifically tested water revitalization

The German company Hagalis AG confirmed the revitalizing effect of Mediagon water treatment. Read the research report on Mediagon's water, carried out by the analysis laboratory Hagalis AG in Germany, here