New Mediagon education center in Horn

New Mediagon education center in Horn

Sun, 13.02.2022

New Mediagon education center in Horn

At our head office we recently finished our completely new training center, which enables us to optimize our customer service.

Self-development, growth and business-development are of high importance to us. We have set up a new department at our head office, where our employees are trained and where they have the possibility to ask questions and develop themselves. Which ultimately benefits our service for you as a customer.

As a team, we periodically meet to discuss various issues, exchange experiences and to set goals in order to make Mediagon even more customer oriented. To promote the service and the general development of the employees, various themes are discussed. These include the functioning of the Mediagon technology, optimizing customer experiences, viruses and bacteria.

Mediagon brings you quality, from the first telephone call to your water pipes at home.

Our latest training was about legionella in your drinking water. Curious for more information about this theme? Read our news item "Legionella and limescale" here.

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